One night white desert safari adventure 

Discover the wonders of Baharyia Oasis and the mystical White Desert! Join us on an unforgettable journey through lush oases, ancient charm, and surreal white rock formations. Unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the beauty of Egypt’s Western Desert. Let’s make memories together

Day 1:

Starting early morning from your hotel in Cairo ,arrive Bahariya oases by noon , our 4×4 car will be waiting you to start our safari adventure , first we start our tour with the black desert , after that we go to Elheiz Bedouin village where we have our lunch in a beautiful restaurant ,then we go to the
crystal mountains area ,After that we go to the magnificent area called Aqabat valley where we have
a chance to do sandboarding ,we continue our way to the White desert starting by the old white
desert, tents valley ,fossil whale ,finally the new white desert , make our camp ,make a barbecue
dinner and Bedouin tea.
Overnight white desert Camp

Day 2:

After enjoying sunrise time and having breakfast .
Go back to Bahariya oases, then to Cairo.
End of the program.

DestinationBaharyia Oases, white desertLocationEgyptDuration2 days + 1 nightsHotelCamping



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